RUN N TELL APPAREL is a brand out of Los Angeles Created By Upcoming Artist (No Cence). The brand came from a single that No Cence released titled (Run N Tell) which happened to be a true story of his life that took an amazing turn for the better and the Single is available everywhere from (Itunes, Spotify, Apple Music etc....) if you haven't heard it already go check it out. This is not your typical type of brand, its more like a lifestyle something similar to (NIKE, ADIDAS, PUMA etc...) but what makes (Run N Tell Apparel) so different is the (STORY) behind it all. NOW YOU CAN "RUN N TELL THAT".


I am also knows as Ashton “No Cence” Flores, an artist out of Los Angeles that happen to start a clothing brand by the name of (Run N Tell Apparel) inspired by a single that was released EARLY 2016 by “No Cence” which talked about life experiences/situations that took place in his life, in his previous years that later on, down the line, built up a certain type of hype that is continuously growing day by bay. Today, marks the 7th year of the brands existence and the meaning of it is pretty much about a young men “Running And Telling His Story” and the powerful meaning behind that is we all have a story to tell so my brand represents a positive outlook on life and the meaningful things life have to offer and what you’ve overcame in life, this brand represents the struggle nothing less  “Run N Tell That”.